Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Things I have learnt in Paris (a list)

*If every cafe you walk past displays big jars of Nutella (for the crepes I believe!) this is all your toddler will want to eat

*Toddler's can survive a remarkably long time on nothing but Nutella. Four days in and as yet we still have very few signs of scurvy

*If you 'show' your toddler the different soft toys in the shops in the Disney parks, he will cuddle/kiss/blow his nose on them, meaning you have to buy them

*For every miserable person you meet (current count of three - one British, one French, one American) you will meet scores of lovely families who want to chat, entertain your children or translate when pigeon French just isn't good enough

*Renting an apartment with no oven, toaster or grill seriously limits your tea options. Picnics all the way! Or scrambled eggs!

*Your toddler can fall asleep in his pushchair during the (very busy, very loud, very exciting) parade in the theme park, but will screech his way round the quiet, cool art gallery, despite being shushed in the sling

*Pregnant women wearing luminous yellow rain ponchos look ridiculous

*Anyone over the age of ten wearing a rain poncho looks ridiculous

*Your eyes will tear up when a grown man in a head to toe penguin outfit blows your son a kiss whilst singing Mary Poppins songs, and he blows one back, or he gets a hug from Donald Duck (this could just be hormones)

Four days down, four to go!


Katherine said...

Hiya, have given you a little award over at my blog; sorry if you've already got it but love your work!!! Off for my little tipple now (white wine yum yum!)

Maternal Tales said...

Ha ha. Yes. The nutella. We had a French au pair who lived with us for all of two months and the one mark she left on our family was the Nutella. Now all my kiddies want to eat is nutella on toast - thanks Marion - you really used your influence well!!