Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Despite the massive recent influx of words, and even sentences (my husband is rather tiring of 'more toast Daddy' and then, when prompted 'peeeeeeeeees') T remains unable to say his own name.

When asked, he will point to himself ('where's T?') but can't pronounce, and wont even attempt, the sound. I had a bit of a hissy fit when we named him, insisting on chosing something phonetic and thus easy to spell when he went to school, but it's currently too much for him. I don't blame him, why would he say his own name when 'mine' or 'my' will do nicely?!

T can however say Roger, who lives next door (he can say the name I mean, not 'who lives next door', surely that would be approaching genius territory?) perfectly. Perhaps we should change his moniker?

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parklife said...

L called herself baby for ages. months and months, even when she could say her name perfectly well she didn't.