Saturday, 30 May 2009

A sleep update

Despite the title of this blog, I've been terribly remiss lately in writing anything at all about sleep. 

In the days before I started posting I read an awful lot. Forums full of advice from other Mums with sleepless babes, books by authors from all ends of the sleep training spectrum (thank goodness for Rammy library's bursting parenting section) and magazine articles which promised to 'get your baby sleeping through the night'. It didn't work. Nothing worked.

But then T grew, and stopped breastfeeding (of his own accord) and went into a bed, and we turned a corner, an under-eye bagged grouchy parent corner, and he slowly began to sleep better, and longer.

Now he seems to be developing the traits of a teenage boy, and we're finding it increasingly difficult to rouse him from his pillow in the mornings. In the last few weeks, despite the sun peeping in at the window at a ridiculous 5 am, he's slept for more than 12 hours a night. It's almost 8.20 on Saturday morning. He's still snoring gently (unlike his father who is snoring loudly, which is why I'm typing this and not enjoying a small lie-in). 

Whether this is a phase that will pass I don't know. Friends with a newborn sister for their two and a half year old are finding him suddenly wide awake before 6 am. This fills me with dread. Maybe I should go back to bed, elbow my husband onto his front and start that lie-in?

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parklife said...

I'm afraid it was the same here. C was snoring after being up half the night then L would get up at 6! The fairy lights worked for a while though.