Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What's with all the raisins?

Inspired by the wonderful More Than Just a Mother, the contents of my changing bag. For those with a thirst for details, it's a green swirly patterned one from Next (not specifically designed as a changing bag) with long handles and an unidentified stain on the bottom left hand corner.

Three library books* - miraculously not overdue

Tommee Tippee sippy cup with an ill-fitting mismatched lid containing water with bits floating in it. The lid means that most of the other contents of the bag are mildly damp

Three disposable nappies and one cloth nappy

The World's Most Expensive Babywipes (TM) - purchased under duress at Center Parcs when I realised I had forgotten to pack any wipes for our week long holiday

Slightly grease-stained Pizza Express napkin

Sunglasses - a triumph of hope over reality

Organix carrot cake bar and packet of two Gingerbread men

Raisins - Two packets (one half eaten) and seventeen loose

39 pence in coppers

One pinecone

Small rubber elephant

A handful of grit which is now stuck underneath my fingernails

This makes me sound relatively organised, although there are some obvious holes in my preparation. I don't have any spare clothes, and have been stuck more than once with a filthy cloth nappy and nothing to wrap it in. My toy collection is also sadly lacking in entertainment value. The elephant had tried to 'eat' the pinecone repeatedly at restaurants, in waiting rooms and on public transport. T wasn't impressed the first time and now cries loudly whenever my emergency props make an appearance.

*That's not my bear ...
I like it when

I am also woefully underprepared for traffic jams. But more on that later.

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