Saturday, 7 March 2009

Holiday report

We're back from our week in the Lakes and a lovely time was had by all. In alphabetical order, our holiday mainly consisted of ...

Birthday presents (Wiiiiiiii!)
Boston Legal on DVD (how have I missed this before?)
Lots and lots of new words from T
Squirrels (we have been twice to the red squirrel reserve at Formby and not seen a single one, thankfully they seem to be in [relative] abundance at Whinfell, and were more than happy to be watched!)
Starbucks (decaf caramel latte, an expensive habit to develop)
Symptom spotting*
Walks and
Water slides (baby ones for T, big ones for Daddy)

In fact we had so much fun, did so much swimming and walking (and pointing at trees, and swans and puddles) and sliding and climbing that T managed to sleep a previously unheard of THIRTEEN HOURS A NIGHT as well as having a 2-3 hour daytime nap each day. In an attempt to recreate this, Daddy's taken him to the football today in the hope the fresh air and excitement might kid him into that holiday feeling and tire him out. He's wearing his mini football kit over his snowsuit, creating an attractive Michelin Man effect. Well, what the MM would look like if he was from Colchester.

*I am horrible to live with at the moment. If I'm not moaning about having morning sickness, I'm worrying because I feel slightly better than yesterday and am thus convinced something must have 'gone wrong'. I hate myself for having become this self indulgent, whining person. I worried during my first pregnancy, but now I have T, and know what this little baked bean might become, everything seems much more fragile this time round. I have my early scan this week, and fingers crossed for good news, not just for me but for the sanity of my husband who is resolutely providing love and support in the face of this irrational, hormonal harpie.

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