Monday, 30 March 2009


I am modelling a lovely attractive patchwork effect at the moment. My face is grey, and the skin under my eyes is dry and scaly. My jawline is spotted with erm, well, spots, and my chin is a mass of blackheads. So desperate am I to find a solution, I've resorted to buying some of that clear skin face scrub stuff advertised by Vanessa 'High School Musical' Hudgens. The clue is in the name, high school, I'm not 16 any more! It's made not a jot of difference to the blackheads, despite my liberal slathering and rubbing every morning and evening, but the cheek scales are now more flaky.

The joy doesn't stop on my face. I made the mistake of wearing leggings yesterday (in a 'with boots under a dress' way, rather than a 'Stretford Arndale Centre 1990' way, honest) and only noticed the 'calf dandruff' when I went to put them in the washer last night. Yes, the dry skin has spread and I'm now coming away in layers. I don't know whether to be distressed, or pleased that if this continues at a rate of one dermal layer a day for 200 years or so, my calves would be thin enough to wear knee-length summer skirts.

I have to admit to being a bit behind the times when it comes to lotions and potions. My approach to beautifying myself is minimal. I (shhhhhhhh) don't even wear moisturiser. I've not worn make-up this year, a fact which says as much about my social life as it does about my cosmetic skills. This isn't because, as some people assume, I consider myself above such improvements, the very epitome of yummy mummyness, it's because I don't really have a clue. Oh, and I don't have much cash either.

So if anyone could recommend a magic undrying yet degreasing face cream and something to make my legs look human again, I'd very much appreciate it.


b said...

I use the protect and perfect for my face and it has worked for me, my face feels soft and moisturised and so much better. I was recently gifted the body lotion, so am going to start using that, but my friend who uses it swears by it. They are not cheap cheap but definitely worth a try.

Moo said...

Ok if you want cheap and effective moisturiser, go to Aldi and get their day cream. Comes in a short, squat glass tub thing inside a cardboard box - I'm telling you this cos I can't remember what it's officially called and I cannot be arsed to get off the sofa to go find out (sorry!). It costs less than 2 quid and is honestly VERY good. I'm not a lotions and potions kinda girl, but this really fixed my face when it was falling off after having E. Oh and Gok rated it highly too! x

yankunian said...

Cheap it is not - well, okay, but it's not super duper expensive - around £15 for a tube that lasts me a few months. But Dr. Haushka's Rose Day Cream will sort you out and it smells lovely too. They sell it at Earth Mother.

I'm still looking for a good body cream - if you find one let me know!

Mama B said...

Thank you for all the recs. B, is that P&P stuff from Boots? The stuff everyone went mad for?

Moo, thanks for the Aldi tip-off. I've just remembered someone else recommended that to me too, so I'll have to try it.

Kate, I can't believe I'd not thought about Earth Mother. I love it in there, I might go tomorrow and throw myself at their mercy, the grey/scaly/oilyness has grown to 'scaring passing children' proportions.

Thanks again.

b said...

yes it is the Boots one that everybody went mad for. I love it, I used to use a Shiseido one, which was like double the price, but this is much better. I tried the Aldi one but it irritated my face, I think it was the fragrance in it.

McW said...

Did you find one?

As an over-the-expensive-make-up-counter-in department-stores only girl, I was properly converted when I tried the Aldi one (Siana?). I am with Moo on this. I've been using it for about a year and I am on my third jar now - everytime I love the fact that it is cheap as chips! (Cheaper even!)