Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Patient number two

We have rabbits. Two of them, Bigwig and Bernadette. Bigwig is the elder of the two, almost five. I will explain the names when I have a little more time. There is a good reason, honestly.

Anyway, Bigwig has a giant face abscess. A sort of furry Jimmy Hill chin, which looks most uncomfortable and doesn't add to his knowledge of football. The vet prescribed antibiotics and two weeks inside. Yes, inside.

My child has open sores (a couple of the pox have popped and are scabbing already) and I now have a giant sawdust and hay filled box, plus poorly bunny and poorly bunny poo, taking up most of the floor area in my kitchen. Joy of joys.

On the plus side, patient one is very taken with patient two, and has been sitting inbetween the bunny house and the washing machine for a while, distracted by both in turn. I had to intervene when patient one tried to feed patient two his hot cross bun though. And the impatient? That's me.

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