Monday, 19 January 2009

If you're a mother ...

... please read this book it's utterly humbling, and by turns laugh out loud funny and tissue requiring.

I have a handful of wonderful Mum friends who I first met online. Strangers sharing stories, tips and support during the worrying, frustrating, exhausting and downright amazing times of pregnancy, baby and toddlerhood. I have been lucky to meet friends who live locally and who have become a real-life support network.

I like to think, had this been 1930s England, I'd have been one of the women in the CCC. In practice, I don't think I'd have fulfilled their 'suitably interesting' remit, but the stories of a group of remarkable women and mothers are still amazing and well worth a read.

(I admit, I might have been slightly more accommodating of T's 5 am wake-up if I hadn't stayed up past midnight, reading the majority of the book in one glorious lump)

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