Thursday, 29 January 2009

List: toddler food

In the first of an occasional series of lists, I thought I'd start with a run down of the things T likes, and loves, to eat:

1) Marmite - bleurgh, I'm a hater, sorry.
2) Olives - all types, but they must be pitted before they get to him, olives pitted by me and then handed to him are evil and must therefore be scowled at and tossed on the floor without even a lick. I ordered him a bowl-full during our Christmas Eve tea, and the waiter nervously told me he was sorry they only had chilli and garlic ones, which wouldn't be suitable. T ate the lot. All of them. Oh lordy the nappies on Christmas day!
3) Fish - the stronger the better, particularly smoked mackerel (cheap choice, huzzah!)
4) Wakey Wakey Cakey - I add an extra banana for added squish, and some chopped dates. Smushy Weetabix has never tasted so good!
5) Kidney beans - not just kidney beans, the kidney beans from chilli con carne. They can't just have been mixed with a chilli-type spicy tomato sauce (tried that) but he must be presented with a plate of very beany chilli, from which he will pick out the beans and eat them one by one, leaving everything else.
6) Chips - sigh. In my defence these are a very occasional treat. He does have good chip taste though, his favourite were proper cooked dripping ones from The Three Fishes. None of your oven chip rubbish here. Well, at least not until he's safely in bed.

As a sub list, things he used to love, the staples of his early weaning diet, which he now completely turns up his nose at:

1) Gnocchi - his first absolutely favourite meal, cooked and mixed with spinach and pesto, the perfect BLW meal. He now wont even entertain the stuff.
2) Blueberries - he went through a small phase (the small, round phase, see below) of eating nothing but blueberries, he is making up for this by now not eating them at all.
3) Peas - ditto above
4) Sweetcorn - ditto above, unless it's on the cob, which he adores

I am not sure whether this is fussy or not. On the one hand he has some very mature tastes, on other he can be totally irrational about his food and survive on next to nothing for days on end. We have toddler friends who gobble everything in sight, and others who still eat nothing but stage one lump-free jars and squishy packets. Horses for courses?

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