Thursday, 30 October 2008

Starting Together

Last night Mr Molar had a party in T's mouth, and he brought his friends. His friends know how to cause pain, and they don't like sleep. As a result we're like a family of zombies this morning, and all slightly sticky. Trying to administer Calpol to a wriggly screaming boy without putting on the big light or spilling any is a feat clearly beyond us. The two new teeth have poked their heads through his sore red gums this morning, and it's clearly uncomfortable to eat. In an attempt to comfort him I let him eat Pain au Chocolat for breakfast. I'm going to Mummy hell!

Thursday is usually one of my work days, but not today! This afternoon our friends B and N, whom we met through our NCT antenatal classes, are getting married. This is my sort of wedding, there will be (count em!) THIRTY babies and children there, so I probably don't have to unduly worry that T will cause chaos and I'll be given the stare of doom by the other beautifully groomed wedding guests as I try to juggle breastfeeding in my wedding frock. Later on we'll load up the car (travel cot, bed guard - he doesn't like sleeping in the travel cot any more than he likes his cot at home, so he'll obviously end up in with us at some point this evening - baby monitor, food, drinks, bibs, toys, highchair - the hotel only has 3 so we've been asked to take our own - spare clothes) and head off to celebrate the new Mr and Mrs M and the new life they're Starting Together.

I'll do my wedding report tomorrow!

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