Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Eyes Have It

It being conjunctivitis of course. This working mum lark is a laugh. The boy isn't the hardiest of children, he's already had pneumonia once and of course is bound to catch any bug going around. Despite the fact that we'd hardly spent his first year of life hiding behind the sofa in case of germs, going to baby massage, signing, music class, swimming lessons, mum and baby groups, the Children's Centre and lots more besides, only five weeks into his nursery career he's picked up a violent assortment of ailments. The running total so far, two just colds, two chest infections, tonsillitis (one l or two?) and now .... conjunctivitis. To add insult to injury, I've got it too, and am typing this through red swollen piggy face holes where my tired eyes once resided.

Of course I can't go to work today. Nursery wont take him with conjunctivitis and I don't have family nearby to help out. The husband managed to worm out of a day at home by starting work at 5 am, a full twenty minutes or so before I woke up sufficiently to diagnose both the boy and I. I've managed to rearrange most of my day and called the doc for advice on what OTC eye goo to buy to best rid us both of the itchy green gunk. Of course I wont get paid for today, but will still pay for nursery. Ah, joy.

Thankfully the boy is now asleep on our bed (note to self, must change sheets) with socks over his hands to prevent him scratching his eyes. I've sneaked downstairs to make a few of the most urgent phone calls I need to make today.

But I'm writing this instead.

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