Friday, 10 October 2008

Our first adventure!

I called this blog Adventures .... and then realised that actually long old rants from me probably don't quite live up to the title. Good news then that today we're off for a real-life genuine adventure, to meet friends, and their babies and children, at the seaside!

Yes, I know it's October and I know the forecast is rain, but what's an adventure without a little risk taking? I have the bucket and spade packed and, just in case, the raincover for the pushchair, anoraks for both and the address of a local soft-play centre.

The seaside in question is Lytham St Anne's, we're meeting outside the beautiful Victorian pier which, though lacking in Blackpool-style light-up-Big-Wheel wow factor, is striking and not without a little obligatory seafront tat.

I've even made a picnic, well, if Philadelphia sandwiches count as a picnic. The boy thinks they do, but he's wearing a blue plastic plate on his head as I type this, so his gourmet credentials are evidently limited.

I'll report back on Monday. Post seaside we're heading down to deepest darkest Essex to stay with the outlaws for the weekend. I shall return half a stone heavier with hands sore from sitting on.

Have a good weekend, whatever your adventure is.

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