Saturday, 1 November 2008

The wedding night

Not that one of course, but ours. It appears T likes weddings. After grouching through the ceremony (distracted by his toy hippo and light up wand, thankfully both silent toys) he stuffed himself with roast beef and yorkshire pudding (no chicken nuggets on the children's menu here!) and a giant piece of chocolate cake before spending half and hour with F, the bride and groom's son, crawling full tilt up and down three flights of beautifully wide stairs. All of that climbing must have taken more effort than we imagined because around 8 o'clock he yawned, we took him up to bed, a quick feed and there he stayed, sleeping like a baby (not a wakeful toddler baby, a proper pink and white Johnson's powder gurgling baby) until the middle of the night when, with another swift feed he went off again until morning. And not his own version of morning, after my alarm had gone off. This just doesn't happen.

Of course we couldn't just enjoy our rare child-free evening with abandon once T was asleep. My husband has a stinking cold and I didn't really feel like drinking very much. I think it had something to do with the fact that everyone seemed to have become drunk around me as I changed nappies/returned T to the bottom of the stairs to restart his climb/collected the toy animals from under the chair covers where he'd hidden them. I couldn't quite be bothered to catch up. So we found a lovely comfy sofa within baby monitor range, stocked up on soft drinks and chatted. And although perhaps it wasn't the bawdy debauched dancing evening I had planned (I'd even taken comfy shoes for dancing!) it was lovely all the same.

Sleep hasn't been quite as good since we came home of course, and I'm not sure what impact spending a week in a cabin in the Welsh countryside next week is going to have, but there's something about weddings which just makes me thankful for what I have, and I have given both of my boys an extra big squeeze, and lots of lovely Mummy milk to soothe those red raw teething gums.

In other news, T has also learnt to cover his mouth with his hand when he coughs, something I have been saying, almost automatically, for months. He's growing up!

I'm not sure whether they have wifi at Bluestone so I might not have chance to update until we're back next weekend. For the next five days I'll be the one chasing the bright red snowsuit crawling across the beautiful South Wales beaches.

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