Tuesday, 23 June 2009


OK, I admit I might have a teensy bit of a problem. Over excited by the thought of having a small pink one in the house come October, I've done a little bit of shopping. My husband frogmarched me up the stairs earlier, and forced me, tail between my legs, to open the drawer where my ebay bargains have been squirreled away, waiting to be rewashed and hung on the line as we get nearer the time. The current total stands at ...

One pair of dungarees (Boden, very sweet, and cheap!)
Seven dresses (the small type represents how ashamed I am of this one)
Three pairs of trousers
Three tops
Three bodysuits
Two pairs of tights

There also might be a few things on order from the Boden Autumn preview (20% off with free delivery and free returns, Johnnie I think I love you) too, not figured in the above calculations. Oh, and the silky top and bloomer outfit I picked up in a Parisian sale, before we knew the sex, just in case we had a girl.

My husband was not impressed with my plan to buy T some lovely new things to 'even it up a bit'.

Oh dear.

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