Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Halo update

A mini update on the Halo testing! We have been putting the buggy through its paces, with trips this weekend to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, and the beautiful RHS garden, Harlow Carr, in Harrogate, where we met friends for a walk and picnic lunch.

I LOVE (yes, shouty love, capital letters) how easy the pushchair is to collapse and assemble, and it does fit in the boot without issue. I like the look (yes, I'm vain, and it does attract admiring glances). I'm getting used to the extra weight (not my pregnancy fat, it's a significant amount heavier than my Micralite) and now I've figured out both the brake and the swivel front wheels it's lovely to push.

I'm still not 100% sure that, if faced with it in a shop, I'd instantly have 'had to have it', but I am becoming more convinced that it might well be the answer to the 'transporting two' issue.

In the mean time, I have crossed my fingers that Silver Cross understand that a proper testing involves biscuit crumbs.

A full report will follow after some more pushing.


allgrownup said...

Tagged you at mine!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

NO ! Don't tempt me with more buggies, we've already got three (ok one lives at my parents but still ....)

p.s. tagged you over at mine ....

The Dotterel said...

Oh yes, and bread-stick bits and sticky grains of rice-cake. And what test would be complete without some vomit?