Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The results!

Well, we've had two nights of OBBB (Operation Big Boy Bed) and although he's still not sleeping through the night (of course!) things have been much better. In fact, whisper it, I don't want to tempt fate, I might go as far as to say that T likes (likes, not loves) his bed.

For two nights in a row he's gone down at 8 pm ish (last night there was a bit of arguing first, but we took it in turns to sing to/comfort/pat/shush him) and has only woken ONCE before morning. On Sunday night he actually slept in his cot, on his own, until 2 am. 2 am! We crept up the stairs at bedtime, leaving clothes by the side of the laundry basket to prevent the clunk of the lid from waking him, and gleefully dived (quietly!) into bed to luxuriate in the extra room. My husband and I lay like stars (in a star shape I mean, rather than like a celebrity, say Madonna, I have no idea how she lies in bed, in some yoga position probably) with our fingertips and toes touching and no-one stuck their fingers up our noses, pulled our hair or stole the covers.

Yes, I admit I did miss that little warm head snuggling under my arm when I woke confusedly in the night, but T really does seem to be in a better mood because of the extra sleep. Yesterday he survived on one 20 minute daytime nap (in the bed).

Actually, sugar, I don't want to lose my small periods of daytime respite, must keep an eye on this!

I on the other hand, following the 'sleep breeds sleep' hypothesis, and despite the fact I've had the least disturbed nights for a long time, feel more knackered than ever.

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