Friday, 30 October 2009


C is the spit of her big brother. She has the same velvety head with its soft covering of black fuzz, the same lips with a tiny milk blister forming in the bow, and the same newborn blue eyes. Is it any wonder then that I'm spending most of my time telling her she's a 'good boy'?

Must. Remember. Baby. Is. A. Girl.


Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

My mother still regularly confuses my name with my sisters, or if I'm particularly lucky, one of the cats. I'd say you're doing great!

Richard said...

Are you going to be dressing her in hand me downs from her brother? Because you might find it's not just you who's getting confused before long!

I'm resisting dressing our little girl in pink as much as possible, because frankly I don't see the point in condemning her to a childhood full of pink if I can possibly avoid it. Anyhow, lots of people think she's a boy when they see her precisely because she's not wearing pink. I don't mind this, but the wife is getting irritated, I'm fully expecting her to come in one of these days with bagfuls of pink baby clothes.

Mama B said...

Hi Richard, she's definitely wearing hand me downs, although just on the inside for now (blue vests and sleepsuits) as people have been so generous and given us loads of beautiful baby girl clothes. I am not really a pink type, and luckily it seems you can find lots of things for girls in different colours. My toddler, who I have no desire to wear things with skulls on or labelling him as a 'little monster' is another matter! Have you seen this site?