Friday, 16 October 2009

Adventures in Speech

I really should have started a diary for things like this, I'm so worried about forgetting all of the little sentences which make me say 'wow!'

I still have T's incomplete baby record book to fill in at some point though, so perhaps I'm getting ahead of myelf. In the mean time, some recent speech gems ...

T's pyjama bottoms are much too long. I helped him pull them on, then jokingly tugged them up under his armpits. 'Oooh look, Simon Cowell trousers' I said (cue husband sniggers). T looked at me scathingly. 'No Mummy, I'm a fisherman!'

On walking down the stairs: 'I want to hold the bannister'. At the bottom of the stairs: 'bye bye bannister!' (where do they pick up words like this from?!)

When not wanting to go to nursery: 'I want a Mummy cuddle ... on the sofa ... sitting down ... and CBeebies'. SO much more effective than a 'refusing to get dressed' tantrum!

My little boy is growing up so quickly. And look, it's my due date, and I haven't even mentioned it once .....

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Congratulations on reaching your due date ! Will keep fingers and toes crossed for you

He sounds so cute - Toddlergirl is a few months behind him and starting to talk properly too - its just wonderful (and something i really should have written down for her)