Friday, 3 April 2009

Show me the way to the rooftops

I've done it! I've finally made it to the magic twelve week 'tell the world' mark. Baby 2 was scanned this week. It appears I'm going to give birth to Bart Simpson, so keen was the little one to show the sonographer it's bottom. With a little poking s/he finally relented and allowed some measurements to be taken, and this photo. My husband, who proclaimed on the way in that he was not excited because 'when you've seen one photo you've seen them all', was so desperate for a good view that he spent the entire scan standing up and peering nervously over my burgeoning bump at the small screen. Once the trainee who scanned us had left the room to have her work checked by a senior member of staff (giving us a precious few minutes alone with the flickering image, waving, kicking and turning sumersaults) he proclaimed it to be a 'girl blob'. He 'just knows' apparently. And we're going to call her Jessica. My heart swelled a little bit. Maybe he's not so cool after all.


McW said...

Big wave to Bart/Jessica! x

b said...

Oh how sweet, good luck for the rest of the pregnancy, it is sooo exciting for you.