Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Miffy and the New Baby

Miffy and the New Baby

This book came as part of our Miffy box set. Given I've not yet been organised enough to order a story for T about the impending arrival of his sibling, I decided to get it out last night and put it in the pile of bedtime stories. As an aside, is it only my toddler who refuses to go to sleep until he's had a decent amount read to him? Trying to palm him off with a quick race through Hooray for Fish? No way. The Gruffalo, followed by Tiddler, followed by Dogger followed by a half-hearted asking for 'more' as he yawns and it creeps towards 7.30 pm? Oh yes indeed.

I read the lovely rhyming prose, pointed out the pictures and snuggled in to T.

Me: 'Ah, Miffy's got a new brother or sister'
T: 'baby' (points at the picture)
Me: 'Look, she's giving him a cuddle'
T: 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh' (blows kiss, something which has either come from nursery or Upsy Daisy, I can't decide)
Me: 'Are you going to have a new brother or sister?'
T: (look of disdain) 'No no no no no no no no' (shakes head)
Me: 'Oh'
T: 'dis, dis, dis' (bashes me on the head with The Gruffalo)

Perhaps I should order that book now then.


Moo said...

Cute! Bless T - we love the Gruffalo in this house too!!
And Miffy and the new Baby always makes me cry. (Not as much as Dear Grandma Bunny - avoid that one!!)

b said...

Enjoy those night time reading sessions as soon T will be all grown up and doing it himself.

parklife said...

Dear Grandma Bunny has a similar effect to Goodbye Mog!
We have there's a house inside my mummy which is quite good if you can get past the sniggering about daddy saying mummy's door is very tight.
There's also a Sam Lloyd one (I heart her, especially Trumpy Trevor!)

(whsmith have these bargains too )