Sunday, 7 December 2008


They've opened, T has had a fantastic day, and has suddenly sprouted a plethora of new words, just in time to help Grandma celebrate her 58th (sorry Mum!) birthday.

They are ...

bye (I am ostriching the fact he also seems to have picked up 'hiya' in a broad Manchester accent)
twinkle (whilst doing the open/close hand movements to TTLS)
uff (whilst watching One Man and His Dog [no, I didn't know it was on any more either] and pointing at a dog, I think he meant wuff. This is a real breakthrough, as previously all animals had encouraged an lion's roar!)

and of course the one that went down best of all ...


He's also showing much improved comprehension. On seeing me blow my nose, many, many times (darn winter lurgy) he picked up a tissue, held it to his face and made the blowing noise the only way he knew how, by sniffing very loudly. Not quite right, but sweet all the same, and a real improvement from tearing tissues into tiny pieces and eating them, his other favourite hobby.

I love my boy.

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