Friday, 12 December 2008


I forgot to post earlier in the week. Despite the evidence in this post, I did manage to finish T's Christmas top in plenty of time (well, about 10 hours!) for his nursery party earlier this week.

Here it is in all its (slightly ramshackle crafting) glory!

I knitted the scarf, appliqued on the nose, embroidered the eyes and smile and sewed on the buttons. I appliqued the whole thing onto the t-shirt by hand, a decision which seemed sensible when I started, but meant I could barely see by the end, white on white is not good for me!

I am not the best crafter, I will never be able to make money from what I do, I mean, look how wonky those buttons are! There was no better feeling though than dropping T off in his top, plus Santa-trousers (red velour, white fluff) and knowing that I made that. The boy, and the t-shirt!

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