Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's all about the adjectives ...

T's vocabulary continues to increase at a rate of knots. This week it has been all about the adjectives.

We have started a baby ballet class, and he is very taken by the teacher ... 'Mummy, the lady is bootiful!', I'm not sure why he says this with more than a touch of the Bernard Matthews, but it's still very sweet. Less sweet is his descriptive word of choice for me ... 'Look Mummy, that tree is massive [pause for thought] Mummy's massive!'. Yes, thanks love! I wouldn't mind, I'm five foot six, hardly Giant Redwood standard.

Then on the dark drive home from nursery last week T fiddled with the sunshade on the rear window and excitedly proclaimed 'Mummy, I can see the boob!', I hadn't left my nursing bra unclipped again, he meant moon but has another cold and slightly blocked nose.

'Yes darling I can see it too' I said, eyes firmly on the road.
'It's a sharp boob'
'Sharp boob Mummy!'
'I don't understand darling'
'It's sharp Mummy, someone cut it up, with a knife!'

I glanced sideways out of the window at the crescent moon ... waxing, waning, I didn't know which. In a crisp, cloudless winter sky at less than half of its round whole it did look rather like someone had taken to it with a sharp pair of scissors.

I explained, on dodgy scientific ground, that he was very clever to have noticed that the moon does in fact grow ('like C!') and shrink again every month, but that there are no sharp implements involved. I was quite proud of myself until the 'why?' started and I ended up having to distract him with a small packet of chocolate buttons.

Learning about the world is magical!


Hearth-mother said...

Gorgeous. I love 'sharp boob' moments, and this is a great way to record them!

The Dotterel said...

Absolutely... 'the moon thinned to an air-sharpened blade' was Philip Larkin's description!
Perhaps he's going to be a poet?

Really Rachel said...

Aww that's lovely! The things they say at that age are so amusing. I love that he thinks you're 'massive'!
There's an award for you, at mine :o)

@bubblegumbodw said...

It's such a wonderful age. They're like little sponges the way they soak up words. My 3yr old is into shapes at the mo and his new gave word is dodecaDedron!