Sunday, 15 November 2009


There is no hunger quite like that which you experience when breastfeeding a newborn. It is of the 'bottomless pit' variety, only allieviated by throwing down a ridiculous amount of food which barely touches the sides.

For example, yesterday I ate ...

4 potato cakes with butter
A blue cheese toastie, crisps and a pear
A packet of Percy Pig sweets
12 M&S party food duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce
A giant M&S readymeal, enough chicken and chorizo to serve two hungry adults
Almost an entire box of Celebrations chocolates

I also drank 15 pints of fruit squash in an attempt to remain hydrated.

Oh, and in the course of producing enough milk to grow my daughter from 8lb 4oz to 9lb 7oz in her first two weeks I've lost more of my pregnancy weight. Imagine, if I had a modicum of self-restraint and the urges could be quelled with fruit or (shudder) vegetables, I might even be (gasp) thin!


Vic said...

Who cares about fruit and veg when you can eat an entire box of celebrations (although heroes are my fave). Tomorrow I challenge you to a whole tin! lol

The Dotterel said...

Of course, the absence of lactating breasts make me singularly unqualified to comment on this post. But I'm still hungry!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Time to diet in the future - the hunger is there for a reason

Award for you over at mine

Anonymous said...

I completely know where you're coming from chuck. I'm currently breastfeeding my 5th and even as we speak, I'm tucking into shortbread fingers which were s'posed to be for crimbo.

Great blog by the way. I'll be back to read more once I've hidden this empty packet.
Crazy xx

nixdminx said...

wotcha! found you on the tots100 - nice to meet you and wow, what an appetite, lucky you x

Anonymous said...

I imagine you're still loved and beautiful so what does an extra potato cake matter. Now you've made me feel hungry...!

CJ xx