Monday, 7 September 2009

Changing his mind

Remember this post? I was very excited when my husband and I finally agreed on our daughter's name, and since then have been calling her by it (in private of course, I'm still irrationally worried someone will come along and 'steal' it before I give birth!) and ignoring the multitude of baby name forums out there, well except to read and dismiss all their suggestions as not as good as ours.

So it was bound to happen wasn't it. My husband has only gone and changed his bloody mind!

It started with an email. It was a professional exchange, something from the press office. The name? The one we have chosen for our daughter. The effect? He's well and truly put off.

I sympathise of course, there are plenty of names I like but that we can't use for lots of reasons. The moniker of my childhood bully for example, or of my husband's ex-wife. But one email? One lousy email?! He wont be swayed though, it's 'spoilt it' now.

Back to the lists tonight, and the forums. Less lurking and dismissing, more posting and asking for help!


Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oh no - I feel for you, we're in a similar position having decided on Baby2's name but I'm worried in case something like this happens to us

Don't you get dibs on naming the baby what with having to give birth ? I'm 'allowed' to have the final say on this one since Mr Muddling got to with Toddlergirl (being unconscious post birth gave him a window of opportunity to swoop with his favourite name LOL)

Really Rachel said...

We didn't manage to choose names until very late in the pregnancies, then it just sort of happened!
Got an award for you over at mine...